6 Lessons Learned:

The Ultimate Guide for Drying Your Hair

One of the most tiresome and most loathed things about the procedures in hair maintenance is blow drying. Most of the times, you find women trying as much as they can to keep their hair dry as long as they can because the process of drying it after you are done washing it is not so amazing. Instead of stressing about how to dry your hair using any other method apart from blow drying or hair plopping, then you should keep reading this piece as we have plenty of things that might interest you. With every individual having a varied objective and goal to attain, a different category of hair texture and a certain appearance that varies from one person to the next while drying their hair, no one should ever have to worry about the correct or incorrect method of having it dried.

As already mentioned earlier, each individual has a certain goal that they want to accomplish by the end of the process; we will begin by discussing methods that can give you straightened dry hair. If you find someone practicing hair plopping, it means that this is not their end goal. Therefore, one thing that you can do is try to get a blow out at home. It might seem admittedly hard but you can get the same look as the one you can have in a salon. Using a drier and a round hair brush, comb through your hair in an upward motion after sectioning it into smaller bits until it dries.

To prevent heat from damaging it, you have the alternative of air drying it using the hair plopping process. For those that have curly hair and want to maintain it that way, hair plopping is the best method for you. Nevertheless, hair plopping is only operational for hair that is long enough and by that I mean below your shoulders-that means yours might be curly but if it is short, you will not see the results. One requires to apply leave-in conditioner and oil after they squeeze excess water from it, then cover it in a t-shirt or microfiber towel which you can leave overnight or just until it dries.

Apart from hair plopping, one can use rollers or coils which they use after washing and combing the hair affectively while it is still damp or respective hair plopping. Generally, the most appropriate way of drying your hair can be discovered through trials of different ones based on the kind of hair.