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Chairman of Arab Peace Corp Foundation

Arab Peace Corporation which is working under the name of a great leader and businessman Mohamed Dekkak is a non-profit organization. This company is working for the maintenance of peace in the Arab world. To break out the negative effects of some forces from the environment and bring new direction to the youth of Arab this foundation puts in a lot of efforts. The organization works through a proper mechanism and in an organized manner. All the goals are specific and achieved in the planned timing. Arab Peace Corp Foundation also works for the communities who are suffering and are not given equal rights. They have expanded their work not only in UAE but also in the areas of Canada, USA, and Europe.

The main focus of the organization is the youth of the nation. The driving force and future of any country are the youth. What you put in their minds bring the circumstances at the end of the day. Same is the case here. They work to educate the youth and make it possible to fight against the terrorism. The negative powers are removed to bring the positive ones through the proper framework. Mohamed Dekkak is the main force behind all this. Through his visionary planning and excellent skill set, this organization has become to a larger level in such a short period of time.

About the Chairman

Mohamed Dekkak who is basically the chairperson of this huge organization is the business professional from Morocco. He has settled down his business in the United Arab Emirates and is mostly present in the foreign countries for the conduct of his business responsibilities. He has a strong background in the business qualification. The main focus of Mohamed Dekkak is to work as an entrepreneur. He is the founder of multiple organizations and also encourages the formation of other startups with his efforts. His experience counts to be the total of 20 years which is no doubt a long period as a professional in the field of business. From the very start of his career, he is facing success through his endless work. Arab Peace Corp Foundation is the live example of this.

The founder of Arab Peace Corp Foundation is Mohamed Dekkak. He is basically an entrepreneur, investor, and businessman. He is really famous in the business industry. The whole credit of the success of Adgeco group goes to his hard work and business sense of mind. The qualifications of Mohamed Dekkak are in the business field. He has done MBA from world renowned Institute and carried out the business of investment in the startup companies. He is really expert in dealing with the international organizations for building an alliance with many of the charitable corporations. He is multilingual and can speak as well as write French, English, and Arabic. He is not only working as a front person for the businesses but also holds many charitable organizations. These companies work in the countries of both United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.

Working with the organization

The main goal of this organization is not profit seeking which is the usual goal of most of the organizations. The main purpose for which they make efforts are to bring a sense of harmony and peace in the area they operate as well as the other ones where they can. The community service is done in an excellent manner by the volunteers working for them. Society is the asset of any country, and until or unless it is in the best shape possible, the leader should make efforts. This means that it take continuous efforts in the maintenance and success of any society. Most of the efforts are put in to make the society achieve the level of peace which is not yet achieved. The ultimate benefit of all this is provided to the country. The general public and their welfare is the main goal of the organization which they are trying to achieve since the time they have started working.

Social initiatives

The company is known to be working in the sector of charitable work in many fields. They have taken many initiatives to serve the underprivileged people. In addition to the development taking place in the economic as well as financial sector, they play a significant role in the betterment of society. The charitable organizations working under the name of Arab Peace Corp are large in number and perform quality work that actually contributes to the society. The administrative work is brilliant and done with genuine concern. They have high regard for the human improvement and cooperation to the social work. All the financial improvements are aligned with the social perspectives. Not only the charity work, but the company also ensures that the work performed should be in the best interest of the environment and nature.

Hobbies of Mohamed Dekkak

In addition to being an extraordinary businessman, Mohamed Dekkak is really a person of interesting hobbies. He has a passion for collecting the cars. He has so many exclusive cars in his collection that he is viewed as privileged in this respect. He has a high fascination with the cars of Rolls Royce. This interest and consideration are evident on his Facebook profile. One other interest which is somewhat similar to this one is the passion for sports. He is a huge fan of some sports. Some of those sports are tournaments of Golf, horse racing, air shows, and Formula 1 Grand Prix. Also, because of being so much famous in the business community, he is famous for being present in most of the events taking place in the business world of UAE and USA. The sole purpose of any business is the expansion of the operations, which can only be done through connections and when you are recognized by people in the market. This is also the hobby of Mohamed Dekkak that he interact with people in the market through the channel of events. These events provide an opportunity to meet new partners and promote the business by building relations. He also has high interest in painting and artwork. Traveling and horses also fascinate him. He has the privilege of visiting many countries around the world.

Volunteer services

The workers of this foundation work for the welfare, and this cannot be done efficiently if the will of a person is not involved. The real dedication comes from the inside. So, the recruitment process of the workers is all volunteers. The people who contribute the most are the graduates from the schools and the retired personnel. The graduated youth is encouraged to work because they are the main focus of the organization. These people are not only involved in the Arab world, but most of the people also contribute to this noble cause from the other countries. Those countries include Australia, Canada, Europe, and United States. All the communities get benefit from the efforts of these volunteers. The volunteers work for the two years to help the less fortunate people. There is not any kind of discrimination in the delivery of service. The great vision is provided by the founder if this organization and it is made possible throughout the company to carry that vision through efficient working.

Sectors involved in the community work

Basically, it is a non-profit organization which works for the welfare of the community. So the sectors which are involved in the working are also all the community service and welfare networks. The areas which get help from the operations include the following ones.

  • First of all, the medical field gets the benefit. A lot of efforts are put in by the volunteers to reach the really deserving people and make sure the availability of all the necessary treatment. There are some people in the society who really deserve, and they should be treated with respect. The volunteers reach them, listen to the problem, and then there is a collaboration with the high-quality hospitals which help in the treatment of those individuals.
  • Then there comes the education field. The education is really a need of the Arab world. This is the fast growing economy of the world, and the youth needs to be educated to utilize the resources in an efficient manner. The sense of critical thinking is evolved in the youth of the Arab nations with the help of Arab Peace Corp Foundation. The education sector is getting improved by the working of these people, and now world-class institutions are built in the area to promote education. Not only in the region, but the student also sends in the foreign countries to study the business world.
  • The agriculture sector is also getting benefit from the efforts. To cater the needs of such a huge population the agriculture system needs to be strong. Especially in the Arab countries where the main focus is always on the old and gas products and businesses. Many efforts are put in by creating the alliances with the foreign countries to improve the agriculture sector and get benefit from this.
  • The field of the artisan is also getting a lot of benefit from this. The need for creating the platform where the artists can display their art is necessary many exhibitions, and fairs are done each year by the company to promote the working of such people.
  • This is the most important thing for the welfare of any country. The foundation of small enterprise and ventures. There are not a lot of large business corporations working in any country, and if there are, they are solely focusing on the profit maximization of a small business class. The need for creating a platform which helps people to build small businesses which are the basic backbone of any economy needs to be strengthened. Many initiatives are taken to support the people who want to initiate the small business ventures.
  • The sector of public participation and improvement is also getting evolved by the efforts of Arab peace corp. Peace only comes to the society when the society and general public are happy, and they participate in the community work. Improvements are made in the society to make it a peaceful place to live in.

All these efforts are promoted by the working of this public service organization. The main purpose is to make the place peaceful and bring harmony in the environment. The most important point is the promotion of small venture because they will strengthen the economy of the country.

Benefits of making this organization

The core purpose behind the establishment of this company is to contribute something positive in the environment of the country. The great level of abilities and expertise are developed in the people who work as volunteers under the name of this corporation. A large amount of skill share developed in them which enable them to perform work on a larger platform in the future. Self-awareness and confidence building in the youth is achieved through this volunteer work. These life experiences provide the sense of achievement and a desire to carry the mission forward in the people. Meanwhile, the contribution is provided for the welfare of people in the Arab world.

Work for the women

Women are a large part of any country; they should be empowered and given proper support to make it possible to serve the nation. Mohamed Dekkak who is the founder of this organization is in huge support of this fact. The change in any society can be achieved only by women also work like men and contribute to the welfare of the society. They are taken as the catalysts to make the change in the society. This is done by the establishment of family support centers. There are many innovative ideas in the minds of women who are present in any society. The need is to bring those ideas further and providing a proper platform to carry such operations.

The small and medium-sized enterprises which are also known to be as SMEs are promoted by the working of women. They are empowered in a way that they put efforts to contribute to the society and its welfare. Many projects are running which build the partnership in the women, and they work for mutual benefit to achieve the common goal which is society welfare. The system which works for the development of this system is the Apprentice system. The sense of leadership is created in their minds, and they are empowered. Most of the environmental projects are assigned to them because women are more efficient in doing the welfare work.

Vision and mission of empowering the women

Women make up a huge portion of the society, and their engagement in work brings a lot of change. But, the main vision that is provided by the founder of this organization is to study the dynamics and then through the commitment of youth, capitalization is done. The sole purpose is to engage the youth of the country in the welfare work. They are the future of the nation, and since the time they are not engaged in the welfare work, the change would not be possible. Th future is changing through all these efforts. All this can only be done by the active participation in this work and transformation in the education system.

Things are done achieve the mission

The main mission is to bring the positive change in the society through the working of youth and participation in the activities. Some of the steps that are being taken by the company to meet these goals are as follows.

Transformation in the education system

The education system is the main building block of the future of any country. This thing is well understood by the founder of this organization. He is putting a lot of efforts in providing people with the framework and pathway to achieve the desired education at the right time. Most of the people are really talented, and they want to achieve a high educational goal which is not possible due to certain constraints. The main goal is to remove such constraints and to encourage the youth to gain an education which will benefit the country at the end of the day. The future needs are changing, and it is necessary to transform your education system according to the future needs by bringing some changing. These changing are done a way to promote the system and providing large opportunities to the students by sending them to foreign countries for higher education. The high-level education culture which is not so common in Arab World, the company is trying to bring that.

Job training programs

Whenever someone starts a new job, the main thing is to take the proper responsibility and take actions which are in the best interest of the organization. Without proper training and development, it is not possible. There is a set of skill which is needed to perform the required function that skill set is brought in the people who are going to work because each and every individual plays a key role in the working and success of the organization. The old ways which were used to carry out the routine operations are now obsolete, and the advanced ways are improvised. With the change in the business world, multiple new concepts are evolving, the sole purpose is to teach those concepts in the job training so that they will be carried out in the practical functioning of the organization.

Changes in the job market

Through the routine research, the dynamics of the workplace are changing. All these new concepts are brought in the company through the employees and their training so that the concept of a healthy workplace will be achieved. The ultimate benefit of this will be provided to the country. This will also enable the people to play an active role for the betterment of the country and bring change in the nation.

Implementation of the development programs

The development programs are brought in the view to bring development to the society and nation. The Arab Peace Corp Foundation does not only focus on the development of the nation in the UAE, but efforts are also put in to make the change in the USA, Canada, and European countries. It is really easy to transform the youth; they are the future of any nation, so positive change is really necessary for them. These development programs are the combination of training and sessions which will help the youth to make a change and transform their thinking patterns. The job market is changing rapidly, and the minds of the youth need to be transformed accordingly. This can only be done by the force of self-reinforcements. Till the time youth itself try to change, it is not possible to bring any change in the society. The sense of right instinct and belonging bring the youth in the form so that they can work in the community and social welfare sector.


This is the welfare organization but works under the complete mechanism of operations. There is a proper framework which is carried out in the operations. The recruitment procedure is simple but done by keeping the main goal in mind. The volunteer work is done by the recruitment of youth, and that is done from within the country to serve the nation as well as the other Arab countries. In addition to national recruitment, the international recruitment also takes place. Those workers are then deployed and do volunteer work in different parts of the world. There are the regional offices of New Arab Foundation in multiple parts of the world. Those regions include one office in the area of the Middle East and many others in the North Africa. The offices operate through the right framework by seeking the help and permission of the local government. All the working is done through a legitimate channel, and the volunteers are recruited then to serve in different areas. Through this whole procedure, the mission of the organization spread worldwide.

Inspiration behind the formation of Corporation

There is an organization which is working under the name of President John Kennedy by the name of “Peace Corp.” That organization has inspired the founder Mohamed Dekkak, and he took this initiative. Peace Corps is working and putting a lot of efforts for the welfare and gaining huge success in the market. That idea is carried forward by the Arab Peace Corp Foundation in which two years of volunteer service is done by most of the people. The college graduates who are really bright and possess the skill set to handle the dynamic environment is addressed, and their skills are polished by providing them the right platform for utilization. Not only the graduates but the leaders as well as the retired personnel are the part of this huge network that performs the community work under the light of their vast experience. Many communities are built in multiple sectors who work solely for this organization and help in the working procedure.

Mutual benefit of volunteers and company

The corporation does not only focus on the benefit of the corporation, but the equal benefit is given to the volunteers. This is a huge network, and the skills of the volunteers get polished by making efforts in this. These amazing life experiences bring a lot of benefit in the future when they are the part of a company. Their leadership training is done, and they become really efficient in taking the responsibilities. The members and volunteers become socially responsible, and effort is made by the company to make them the good citizens.

Help through partnership building

The people who fund and provide resources for the working of this company are taken as the partners. There are certain NGOS, profitable organizations as well as the government behind the funding of the company. The efficient planning is done to have the right place for the effective utilization of resources. The vulnerable communities who are suffering in the MENA region are also served by the same fundraisers. The Trust Fund is collected by the youth through the channels of Private sector, government institutions, individual donors and other support units. The amount of this trust fund is to reach the target of 100 million. The priorities are given to the youth of the world so that they can put little efforts to raise funds.

The partnership with multiple other corporations is also done to have the employment of the alumni who have already served for this company. The students who want to gain further education are provided the concession in the tuition fee by multiple educational institutions. Many businesses and government institutions are also in the line to collaborate in giving employment to the workers. Airlines also provide free tickets to the workers. The alumni who have done welfare work are taken as the leaders in large organizations. This serves as a reward for the people who made sacrifices to serve the community keeping their commitment high.

Regions getting benefit from the services

The committed team of professionals who are working for the community has the whole set of countries and region which get benefit from the company operations. Not only the volunteers and professionals come from all over the world, but the help is also provided to a wide set of people. The services are stretched from the regions of Morocco to the North Africa. The areas of North America, Middle East, Latin America, Europe, the Arabian Peninsula as well as Australia are involved. This is the huge set of doctors, educationalists, health workers, entrepreneurs, technicians, environmentalists and many other people who are contributing towards the development of society in an efficient manner.

Richness in culture

Because of the involvement of so many regions and people from diversified platforms, the organization is rich in culture. There are volunteers from multiple nations. Regarding language, the company has a diverse network through which it can communicate and carry its message to a lot of regions. Regarding religion, the variety is also great. There are people who belong to almost every religion, and they have the values which contribute to the benefit of the organization. People from multiple ethnic groups are the volunteers, and the traditions and values which are the part of their culture provide a great platform for their success. Such a diversified network makes it possible to do the work in an efficient manner. This is because by having roots in many regions of the world the company can go through every difficulty. These connections help a lot for the spreading function of a message to every corner of the world.

Reason behind the focus on education by the founder of Arab Peace Corp Foundation

Education is the key need of any nation, and this fact is understood by the founder of Arab Peace Corp Foundation. The diversified experience that he has the whole world makes him contribute something to the benefit of the nation he operates in. Mohamed Dekkak is no doubt the visionary leader whose key focus is to attain the future needs through the effective utilization of resources. He gives the direction to the youth, men, and women of the nation so that they can work towards the welfare of the nation. He has the vision to build up the nation rather than to bring further destruction by misleading the youth. The terrorism and violence are turned away from the youth minds by communicating the vision in a great way. The main culture which is the base of human nature is spread in the community through the work of community service and social welfare. The reasons why he is focusing too much on the education sector are as follows

  • The state of Arab nation has a threat because of the huge success it has got. There is a great sense of confusion and conflicts in the states of the nation which bring cultural distortion. There is a need to bring the entire nation to a single platform for mutual benefit and success.
  • The huge amount of money which was used for the society welfare is not diverted to the preparation of war. The corruption is becoming common, and mismanagement is taking place in the community. Because of these unethical practices happening in the nation, there is a need for an organization which provides the sense of nation building.
  • A large portion of the population in the nation is frustrated because of joblessness. There are no basic services provided to them, the poor governance by the governing bodies, lack of economic opportunities, as well as the shortage of government accountability and transparency has made the people trust no one. People need a perfect orientation so that they can focus on the bright side of the picture and get a new hope.
  • Most of the youth in the nation, as well as the men and women, are without the proper and high level of education. This creates the opportunity for the foreign people coming to this region, and the Nationals are not getting promoted. To make the workforce up to the mark of the latest needs of the workplace, there is a need to develop the right set of the education
  • Through the development of right education system, it will be possible to build a sense of commitment and responsiveness to the needs of the community. The high energy of the youth of nation will be invested in the noble cause. Each person will have a sense of achievement which will redirect his efforts in the service of greater good. The self-worth of people will increase, and they will have the assessment that they belong to a large community which should be taken care of to meet the future needs.
  • The young people of the nation can present the model to the whole world by making their contribution visible and putting significant efforts. The community will be in a stable position by the establishment of peace. There will be a large economic development which will lead the nation towards the good governance of the community.

There were some of the reasons which are motivating the founder of this organization to keep the focus on the educational needs. Once the education system is established, the worthy human capital will be provided to the corporate world with the sense of community benefit. This will ultimately have an effect on the welfare of underprivileged people. The availability of equal resources to all the people brings a sense of ownership towards the society which makes the success possible.

Events for marketing

For thigh level of marketing and representation on large forums the company organize many events which are helpful in providing access to the large groups and people who can help in expanding the business and work for the betterment of society. Because of so much diversity and integration in multiple sectors, this is regarded as a well-known group in the United States and UAE market. The roots of this system have become so strong that it is acknowledged to provide best solutions to the issues faced by multinationals and the business ventures present in the market. The core competency of this organization is the chairman and founder who is really capable. He has a long sighted vision which takes the operations of this organization to the whole new level. All the administrative work is performed under the supervision and advice of the leading personnel who are highly talented and expert in their respective fields.

Corporate social responsibility working

A good balance is created by the industrialization and the human survival. They focus on both the aspects and maintain a good balance in both these fields. Some of the work that they are performing at the benefit of the environment is here. They are contributing a lot in the waste management system. They have a key focus on the management of water and waste material which if not taken care of at the right time will prove dangerous. There is also a green structure which makes efforts to keep the nature and environment clean. They have a high regard for the environment and individuals living in the surrounding. Through all these operations, the company has a single goal behind this; they work for the betterment and comfort of society. Providing the simple access to normal individuals to all the essential needs is really an important and principle concept.

Easy and smooth procedure

The partnership building makes the operations of the companies go smoothly and easily. From starting a new business to the establishment of business towards the next levels, each and every move of the organization is observed. The business exercises are working in a wide range to give you diversified information related to each field. Whether it is education, health, community service or any other operations all of these are performed with the accurate information. All the people work with mutual collaboration which provides benefit over the longer run. Continuous improvement is the main focus of the organization, and so is the case with the founder, he loves reading in routine and implementing the required changes in the organization.

Ways of helping the organization

The founder Mohamed Dekkak has developed multiple means through which the contribution can be made. Whenever the non-profit organization is working for the community work the most important thing is raising funds. Arab Peace Corp Foundation people use the methods of donations, fundraising, Participation as well as a contribution to increasing the number of funds for the social community service. Volunteers collect all these funds from different channels to be used in the right place to serve the noble cause.

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