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Travels of History

This world is vaster than the imagination of any human being. Every person is born in one particular place but he always has an option. The option is of either spending their entire life there as well or setting out in the world to see new things. There are many who accept it as their fate to stay in one place but then there are those who don’t accept staying put as their fate. These are the ones who set out to rewrite their destiny and change their fate. Morocco has been blessed with one such man who believed he was destined for much more than just spending his life in one city of one country when he could spend parts of his life in numerous different cities of numerous other countries. Ibn Battuta did not want his entire life to be spent in the city of Tangier, Morocco and so he set out in the world to travel to distant places.

A journey through a foreign land

The Ibn Battuta travels began with a dream he saw. He dreamed about the city of Mecca and believed it to be a sign for him to travel there. His first instinct was to readily act upon it. His fearlessness and blatant determination is commendable till date. He left behind his family with a very huge possibility of never seeing them again since traveling in those times was no walk in the park. Riding on horsebacks or camels was the only mode of transportation but Ibn Battuta did not let these hurdles get in the way of what he believed to be his destiny. Without much ado he set out to Mecca. During his journey he was met with many hurdles. There were many instances with could easily have forced him to leave everything and go back home but his determination is what got him through all of that. He risked his life for the purpose of exploring.

Further exploration of new lands

The Ibn Battuta travels did not stop with his voyage to Mecca. Once he set foot out into the world there was no stopping him. He did not want to return to Tangier for the rest of his life. Although he did make occasional returns back home after every journey, he would always leave for a new one after a while. In his entire life he made his way through Africa and Asia. He went from North Africa to Cairo and fro there onto Jerusalem and Damascus and the Medina and Mecca. This was his first journey. Moreover he also marked his presence in Iraq and Persia which is now known as Iran. His next stop was Anatolia through Arabian Sea. After Chagatai he finally marked his foot in Delhi which meant that he had reached South Asia. During his journey he also visited Maldives and Srilanka and from there he made his way to China which was his last stop. He returned home after that. The last journey of his life was to Mali. With that came the end of these magnificent Ibn Battuta travels.

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